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Let's talk about the mixing process and how long it will take.

As we have a big reserve of Bitcoins, our clients can make operations independently of each other. And you can delay your every operation to mix coins even better, so your coins will be sent according to the delay.

How many confirmations do you need to consider that coins arrived?

Only 3 confirmations for any Bitcoin amount are needed.

If you accidentally close the browser's window, what are your next steps?

After receiving the deposit address, you don't need to keep the window open, because the mixing process will be done automatically. And you have to remember that the deposit address is valid for only 24 hours, and after that time all related data will be deleted, all payments to the address will be ignored then.

What about the storage of any logs?

The service does not keep any information about completed transactions. All the data is automatically deleted after the coins are sent to target addresses.

What is the largest transaction amount?

It depends on how many coins we have in our reserve and the amount of your previous transaction to the service. Your previous coins will not be sent to you, if you are using the mixing code. We'll inform you about the maximum amount of coins that are available for mixing process.

What is the least amount of transaction?

We want to inform you that the minimum amount for mixing is 0.001 BTC. If you've sent a lower amount accidentally , please send an e-mail to our support, having your guarantee letter attached.

How safe are transactions with a large number of bitcoins on your site?

We have a perfectly working mixing model, and to be sure you can mix small amounts of coins to understand that all processes are clear and effective.

mixed code

We have created a mixed code, which guarantees that your past coins will not be mixed with the new ones.

What does it mean?

You'll get the mixing code after the first mixing.when you use it in the next operations and this is the guarantee that you'll not receive your previous coins and it provides your anonymity.

What is the service fee for?

In case your wallet is being watched, all the mixing schemes can be disclosed in the blockchain by the amount coming to target addresses. So we recommend using a few target addresses after paying some service fee to make the mixing process even more covert.

Does Tumbler.cc support SegWit addresses?

Yes. You can use SegWit addresses starting with the digit "3" to send and to receive bitcoins.

Does Tumbler.cc support bech32 addresses?

Yes, our service supports bech32 addresses of the witness version 1 (those starting with "bc1") as target addresses. Please be informed that bech32 addresses may not be supported by some blockchain explorers, so tracking the transaction by target address may not be possible with them.